Gardening matters

People & Gardens

Here I have created a blogspot to create a forum for discussion.  My aim is to o raise awreness of the wider issues whilst offering solutions we can practice right now. Something I’m trying to do more of myself.

I have included some information about my background and projects I am involved with. I also speak here ( at length) about causes and charities I support in hope of raising awareness of the work they do. They are the REAL eco warriors.

I see a value in education, never stop learning .  I have included a section briefly describing the different ways to get into horticulture and launch your own career.

More than anything else, I hope to give you some help and advice about where to start.


Photosynthesis (Photo credit: shenamt)start and getting involved in your local community…. after all. that’s how it all begins.

My experience of working within social care settings now paired with my passion for  horticulture has led me to see it’s undeniable therapeutic value. Now as head gardener and just finished work on our new sensory garden, which I am now l;ooking forward to giving back to my community.

I hope you find something on this blog that appeals to your interest.


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