Theraputic Horticulture

‘Gardening is a wonderfully flexible medium that can transform lives regardless of age or disability.  Social and therapeutic horticulture is the formal name given to the process of using gardening, plants and horticulture to help individuals develop.

A Lot cheaper. The benefits of a sustained and active interest in gardening include:

  • Better physical health through exercise and learning how to use or      strengthen muscles to improve mobility
  • Improved mental health through a sense of purpose and achievement 
  • The opportunity to connect with others – reducing feelings of isolation   or exclusion 
  • Acquiring new skills to improve the chances of finding employment

I really do see the therapeutic benefits of working outdoors, and would like to invite people from the community to come and share our gardens at Wimborne Model Town . I am currently contacting local groups and advertising for volunteer gardeners. Local gardens advertise for help all the time so check your local paper or community center to get involved near you.

Coming soon. Horticulture therapy,  a study of it’s benefits.


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