Sensory Garden Project

Model Town, Wimborne, Dorset

Model Town, Wimborne, Dorset (Photo credit: Alwyn Ladell)


Taken from the Official Website:


Sensory gardens make sense!


The Wimborne Model Town and its acclaimed gardens have for many years brought pleasure to both local residents and increasing numbers of visitors. Irrespective of the visitor’s age the 1/10th scale buildings, which replicate much of the town of Wimborne Minster, evoke feelings of fascination and nostalgia. Wander down the tiny streets among the mini houses and “see” into the past.


However in recent years we have become increasingly aware that some of our guests suffer from limited or total vision loss and with this in mind we have launched the “Sensory Garden Project” in conjunction with the Macular Society and RNIB.


So why a sensory garden?

Wimborne, Model Town

Wimborne, Model Town (Photo credit:


The Wimborne Town Sensory Garden will give an extra dimension to the visitor experience and will be of particular benefit to; young children, the visually impaired and those with special needs.


It has long been acknowledged that sensory gardens have proven therapeutic value. They create beautiful places to relax, reflect, meditate, contemplate and talk. Natural interactive environments where colours, sounds, smells, taste and sounds are stimulated to the benefit of all of our visitors.


When does it start?

It’s started! At the close of the 2012 season work commenced of Phase 1 which will 

( weather permitting ) be completed for the opening of the 2013 season on 27th March. Phase two will be undertaken during the 2013 closed season.









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